Glass cosmetic packaging containers are an excellent choice for luxury or high-end cosmetics due to their material safety, attractive crystal appearance and recyclability. OLU Glass Packaging wholesales all kinds of glass lotion bottles, serum bottles, toner bottles, glass cream jars, providing a full range of glass cosmetics Packaging solutions to cosmetics companies, skin care brands, personal care product factories, as well as glass bottle distributors and glass jar traders. We offer round, oval, square and irregular shaped bottles & jars, airless glass packaging, dropper bottles and roller bottles. The capacity is also very complete, ranging from 2ml to 250ml. Glass cosmetic containers come in a variety of surface treatments, from transparent, frosted, colored to completely opaque, and from spray coating to screen printing and labeling, we support various surface processing customizations. In addition to ordinary glass materials, we also offer colored glass such as opal glass, brown and black glass, which provide your essential oils, essences, etc. with better protection from UV rays and a more special appearance. Various glass bottles and jars are matched with different lids to meet different styles and packaging needs. OLU also provides accessories made of environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo lids and wooden lids for you to choose from.

Successful cosmetic packaging ultimately translates into successful marketing and sales. Where to buy glass cosmetic packaging? Contact OLU Packaging, we are always at your service! Free samples are waiting for you!

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